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I love Art!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved going to galleries and museums to see the amazing diversity of work by many artists. Growing up near New York City brought all of those museums and art galleries very close to me. It helped to solidify my love for art, for life.

I am fascinated with color, the energy it generates and freedom gained by experimenting with it, bring out the essence of my compositions. Today, I strive to use color in unexpected ways, to elicit a whimsical and animated response to each piece I create.

My work offers me an outlet to demonstrate what makes me happy. I strive for each piece to bring an unpredicted moment of visual playfulness to those who view my work. My subject matter changes with time, however, animals are a constant subject for me as they offer an unlimited array of challenges and beauty. On a different note, my latest group of work which I call my Wine Lovers Series; allows me to use bold color and graphic composition. This is my homage to an entirely different form of art.

When I was young I was highly influenced by the post-impressionists and modernist styles. My parents had one room in their house with many posters of various artists of those styles that held my fascination and still do. As my work continues to evolve, I enjoy merging new styles and subjects together. I hope to become a full time artist, in the meantime, I enjoy the time I have to dedicate to my work. I appreciate that there are always new techniques to learn and fresh perspectives that I can bring to my work. I am certain that my passion for art will always extend beyond what I create.

Please take a minute to look at a special painting I was able to create with three wonderful helpers!

I have been living in Austin Texas since 1997.

Thank you for expressing an interest in my work and taking the time to view. Please check back to see what's new.


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